A new income spectrum, refreshing our thinking on sustainable funding

This summer we have redesigned one of our most popular tools. The NCVO Income Spectrum has been around for many years, but now we have a new look and feel to help you better plan your organisation’s income.

A new look

We’ve refreshed the look, and used a range of shapes and colours to emphasise the different streams.

Income Spectrum

Download the full Income Spectrum (PDF).

The four income streams

Gifts, Grants, Contracts, Trading. We’ve kept them the same because they remain the four biggies for voluntary sector income. However, we’ve refined the descriptions and removed some jargon to make it all easily understandable.

How are income patterns changing?

According to our analysis of the Civil Society Almanac 2012, the mix across these income streams has changed quite a lot since 2000.

Where grants used to be the biggest source of income to the sector after donations, grants are now the smallest of the income streams. Instead, contracts have grown from the smallest stream in 2000 to the biggest, with contracts standing at £12.2bn in 2009/10. There is a chart showing this change in my article on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.

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