About ArtWorks

Art Works: Developing Practice in Participatory Settings is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Special Initiative which supports the continuing professional development of artists working in participatory settings.

The newest initiative from PHF, Art Works is a workforce development scheme that seeks to meet the needs of artists at different stages in their careers – from the aspiring young artist embarking on training, to experienced practitioners who wish to progress their output. It is seeking to build on good practice to enhance the existing development infrastructure.

The programme had its genesis in an extensive period of research which began in 2008 and now encompasses a number of strands. It is funding a small number of pathfinder partnerships, building a community of practice on and offline and organising events and publications.

PHF believes that this is a unique opportunity to support an emerging network of artists, arts organisations and training providers wishing to contribute to this crucial development work. We want to ensure that there is the time, space and funding for shared learning.

This Special Initiative is an important intervention that will cause a paradigm shift in the way participatory work is viewed. It will generate enhanced quality and deeper understanding of what is required from artists in generating successful participatory projects.

The scheme stems from a belief that artists who are given access to training and supported to develop their own practice will provide higher quality arts-led experiences. It will operate under the overall objective of the PHF Arts programme: to increase access to and enjoyment of the arts in the UK.

PHF is an independent grant-making organisation, working in the fields of arts, education, social justice and India, to help people realise their potential and enjoy a better quality of life.

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