“All She Wants To Do Is Dance” – Art Without The Distractions.

Listening in on a discussion between people who work in dance, as a musician, one part of the usual conversation that we have is refreshingly absent.

Here at the Northern Area Dance Meeting in Leeds, people from every area of dance – independent dancers, teachers, venue managers, agencies, choreographers, festival directors – have come together to talk about dance in the north. But one thing that no-one is asking is ‘When Will I Be Famous?’ – contrasted with so many music industry discussions that are often hijacked or undermined by the sense that the ultimate aim is not music itself but fame, independent wealth and the ‘rock star’ life. Here, people are passionate about dance, about more dance happening by more people, for more people. About dancers being better networked, trained, encouraged and supported. About access to resources, venues, rehearsal spaces and business support.

The range of people here is huge, from all across the region (Liverpool to Northumberland) and from every imaginable dance backround, all coming together to make dance better.

It’s a passion that’s been reflected in the discussion happening on the Amplified page for the event, via the ‘cover it live’ widget, where people who haven’t had access to the event have been joining in. And so can you.

So here’s a few open ended questions:

  • what are the things that the dance world can teach musicians, and vice versa?
  • if you’re a dancer, what things do you most cherish about your dance community?
  • If you’re a musician, how would the removal of any notion of ‘stardom’ affect the way you view what you do?
  • Have you already done it? Did you have to change your outlook as you ‘grew out of’ the desire to be a celeb…?
  • and, if fame and riches aren’t the distraction for dancers that they are for musicians, what are the distractions that trip up people pursuing a meaniful life in dance?
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