Amanda Sourry, Unilever

“We need to grow differently – we are consuming resources faster that the planet can replenish them” {based on WWF figures}

If we all consumed at the rate of the UK we would need 3 planets… we only have one.

Amanda Sourry, Unilever, spelled out how they are putting sustainability at the heart of their business plan.

It is no longer enough just to put our own house in order. Unilever is committed to doing more in this area.

We have a massive opportunity to positively influence our future. We cannot do this alone – we need everyone to collaborate. Organisations like BITC are key players in making this happen.

Amanda finished her address by urging the audience to look at the 2011 Business in the Community awards – encouraging both small and large businesses

Stephen thanked Amanda Sourry. We were then invited to stand to receive HRH, The Prince of Wales:

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  1. Jennifer Cate Kruger
    Posted January 20, 2012 at 5:59 am | Permalink

    I’m a friend of Amanda Sourry from Unilever in the USA, is there an email for her that could be forwarded to me at the above email address? Thank You.
    Cate Kruger