Amplified Archive

Here is an archive of the events that Amplified has been involved with and the clients we have worked with since we started.

Who we’ve amplified

Amplified Leicester
Arts and Business
Arts Council England
Business in the Community
Bletchley Park
British Council
British Council France
Citizens Advice Bureau
Civil Service Live
Clore Leadership Programme
The Cultural Leadership Programme
Emap’s Media Festival
Festivals Edinburgh
The Guardian
Mission Models Money
MotiRoti Artistic Memory Lab
100% Open
Patient Opinion
Personal Democracy Forum and the RSA
Podcamp Barcelona
Reboot Britain
Skoll Centre for Entrepreneurship, Oxford Fair Trade Coalition, Christian Concern for One World
University of London – Centre for Creative Collaboration
Vincent Dance Theatre

What we have Amplified:

  • A whole city with Amplified Leicester
  • The Civil Service Live
  • The Cultural Leadership Programme: working with the team at CLP within the Arts Council England to bring social media and online networking in to the cultural sector. The aim was to provide a legacy for the people people who had taken part in CLPs programmes so that connections and learnings could be continued beyond funding changes. We amplified Refreshers 2010 3 day events, and the Women to Watch events
  • The Talent Development Symposium with Edinburgh Festival and ACE
  • Business in the Community: Amplifying their Work Inspiration programme ‘one year on’ with BT; their Summit event with the Prince of Wales and David Cameron. We also worked with BITC on their internal comms UK wide showing them the benefits (and options) of using social media.
  • Probably one of our most valuable contributions – the Bletchley Park reunion. Documenting the memories of World War Two veterans accompanied by friends and family who returned to Bletchley Park for a very special Enigma Reunion, which celebrated the 71st anniversary of the arrival of the original codebreakers in 1939.
  • An Intergenerational Project with CaVSA Hammersmith & Fulham – Generations Together. Exploring the opportunities and benefits of collaborating across generation groups. Social media bringing together the old and young, including a 90 year old lady with under 25s to talk about where they live
  • The International Cultural Leadership Initiative for British Council in London with international guests
  • Paris for the British Council France, ‘Wanted Now’ event on cultural rights
  • Power to the People with The Citizens Advice Bureau 2 day event
  • An in-depth lab whilst participating in MotiRoti’s Artistic Research Lab
  • The case for optimism with the Clore Leadership Programme
  • IBM – the Start Summit. Bringing together big business to plan a sustainable future
  • Reuters – the future of news and politics at the one pound forty event
  • Philanthropy in Arts and Business
  • The Big Society – in the North, Giving for Good, and with Unltd’s social entrepreneurs
  • NCVO’s Campaigns Conference 2010 and 2011
  • Orange’s Mobile Volunteering launch
  • Freeing Up Potential on National Freelancers Day with PCG
  • Personal Democracy Forum and the RSA – The Election Review May 2010
  • Fair Trade Futures with Skoll Centre, the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition, Christian Concern for One World
  • Audience Participation and Social TV – at Emap’s Media Festival
  • The launch of the Centre for Creative Collaboration with University of London, Central School of Speech and Drama, Goldsmiths, Royal Holloway, Complexity Partners LLP
  • Amplifying Dance with the Vincent Dance Theatre
  • NIACE – Towards a Digital Future
  • Public services with Patient Opinion
  • Mission Models Money: The People Theme
  • UB40 gig: Music as Culture in Birmingham
  • Sungard City Day
  • Podcamp Barcelona and Tuttle Barcelona
  • Reboot Britain – Future of Politics and technology
  • Political Innovation Camp in Belfast
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