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The Amplified team will be heading to The Said Business School in Oxford bright and early tomorrow morning to report from the Fair Trade Futures conference, a one-day event aiming to discuss and dissect some of the key issues currently affecting the future of Fair Trade, and hear from recent case studies and examples around each of these.

The speakers and panelists will be tackling 5 key areas:

  • The Economics of Virtue:  How can Fair Trade continue to grow in the mainstream without being captured by Big Business?
  • Authenticity, Legitimacy and Certification; What makes Fair Trade authentically Fair Trade?  How does it establish its legitimacy?
  • Accountability and Impact:  How can the voice of producers be more influential in the planning of Fair Trade strategy?
  • Global Economic Trends and Sustainability:  Dealing with the crisis – How the economic downturn is affecting Fair Trade?
  • Fair Trade and Trade Agreements: What is the impact of bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations on Fair Trade?

With an impressive list of experts, high-level and senior figures, active practitioners and campaigners attending and participating this looks set to be a fascinating day full of discussion and debate, and the Amplified team will be blogging, tweeting and audiobooing from each of the sessions and encouraging all attendees to do the same. Please follow us here to discover the day as it unfolds…

Audioboo PodCasts (this will auto-update as the day unfolds)

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  1. Posted November 12, 2009 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    #FTF09 Fair Trade Futures was a fantastic event – made so by the quality of the presentations and the participants and by you guys Amplified. Thanks for taking it live. The conference was named Authenticity and Action (two concepts close to my heart) and going right to the heart of Fair Trade. I was asked to share my opinions. So here they are.