Arts Council England & Escalator East in Edinburgh

The Talent Symposium will be a fantastic opportunity for the UK’s arts leaders to come together and pool their knowledge on how best to nurture artistic talent in the UK.

In order to deliver Great art for everyone in the East of England, Arts Council England established a unique talent development programme, Escalator, which is delivered by a carefully selected group of arts organisations.

The programme has six artform strands and has already supported more than 300 individual artists and companies since its launch in 2003. Escalator empowers talented artists by providing them with mentoring, advice on professional and artistic development, and advocacy and PR opportunities.

This year, the programme’s performing arts strand Escalator East to Edinburgh, has supported 22 artists to showcase their work at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

To find out more about the Escalator initiative, click here to read the brochure. Or to see the impact the scheme has had on artists and companies in the East of England, click here to read our case studies. For more information about the work of the Arts Council, go to our website at

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