Arts & Business – Frontline Fundraising Symposium


A symposium for cultural trustees, CEOs and fundraisers.
To help prepare the sector for the new funding environment.

Arts & Business’s second fundraising symposium for cultural trustees, CEOs and fundraisers, takes place on Thursday 17 February at King’s Place London, with philanthropists, arts leaders and expert commentators to help guide the sector through the tough months ahead.

The day kicks off with opening remarks from Vanessa Swann, Chief Executive of Cockpit Arts and winner of the Arts & Business Garrett Award 2010. This will be followed by sessions on what businesses really want from the arts, what businesses are looking for in regards to digital activation of sponsorship and a discussion on issues of fundraising across digital platforms and much more besides – why not check out our full programme below.

The slideshows and presentations from throughout the day will be archived on this page for future reference, please check back throughout the day to see realtime audio, video, live-blog and other updates from the symposium.

Arts & Business bring together business and the arts to create a better future for both. We passionately believe that creativity can drive commercial innovation and provide consultancy, advice, research, training and events to make this happen.

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A presentation on Digital Fundraising. read more

Audiences and consumers demands are changing, business models are being revised and creativity is the ultimate competitive advantage. Digital has been a game changer and arts-business partnerships can make these opportunities a reality for you both. read more

Arts & Business’s new figures reveal that in 2009/10, private investment in culture stood at £658 million, a 3% decrease in real terms from the previous year. read more

A ground-breaking study into who engages with culture online and via mobile, looking at behaviour, attitudes, spending patterns, barriers and future trends This is must read for your digital strategy, e-marketing plan, online fundraising, income generation and evidence to help attract business investment in a digital age. The report gives clear evidence of the importance of ‘brands’ online, what types of experiences you might be able to sell to audiences and that you can use your online audience to leverage in business investment. read more

read more

Forum Theatre Brief: Break-out session

by , 17/02/11 11:45am
Tim Stockil and actors Susanne Cave and Sean Cambridge play out some all too familiar scenarios and invite the audience to tell them where they are going wrong in the art of persuasion.....

Colin Tweedy argues that arts organisations can take advantage of new audiences and new revenue streams online during the Liberal Democrat party conference in 2010. read more

Speaker Biographies

by , 17/02/11 11:09am

Full biographies of our speakers. Click through to see full document or view in full screen by clicking on the link above. read more

A summary of the Sky Arts report on Innovative Arts Partnerships , please click the link at bottom of document to see the full report. read more

View the full set of Arts & Business Symposium photos on Flickr. If you have your own photos on Flickr just tag them artsbusiness11 to add them to this collection. read more

Programme and Speakers

by , 16/02/11 10:05am
Programme and Speakers The day kicks off with opening remarks from Vanessa Swann, Chief Executive of Cockpit Arts and winner of the Arts & Business Garrett Award 2010. Followed by a session on what businesses really want from the arts hosted by Peter Bazalgette, Media Expert and Deputy Chairman of the English National Opera and featuring […]

Highlights from the Arts & Business hosted symposium at Kings Place in London in March 2010. read more

A Culture Card for your employees… why not?

by , 14/02/11 2:26pm
Last year marked the 10th anniversary of Culture Card; a staff benefit scheme that encourages American Express employees to engage with their community, delivers a 98% staff approval rating, and provides a useful mechanism to manage the company’s support of culture.