Asking Better Questions – Northern Area Dance Network 2012

It’s great to be back working with the Northern Area Dance Network again – back in 2010, we were involved in their first get together in Leeds, a large meeting bringing together stakeholders in the world of dance from across ‘The Greater North’ to talk about what exactly that meant – the idea of The North of England as a distinct and identifiable entity within the dance ecology. Was it meaningful? was it useful? (here’s a full list of the questions that emerged from the 2010 session)

This year, the Arts Council once again made some funds available for bringing together practitioners, promoters, agencies, venues and educators to further the discussion about Dance in the north.

But this time the conveners, David Edmunds and Charlotte Vincent, felt that a series of smaller gatherings spread across the region, based around meals, would allow them to ask better questions, and get far more discussion happening by way of an exploration of those questions – leading to a range of possible answers, or even better questions that need answering going forward.

The format includes a provocation, followed by extended discussion over delicious food (the session ran almost twice as long as planned, such was the depth of discussion!)

The first meeting was last week in Leeds, and you can listen to Charlotte’s intro and the first provocation from Martin Wilson of TIN Arts in Durham who brought a challenge about the need for recklessness. (full text of his talk coming soon!)

The 2nd dinner is tomorrow night in Liverpool. I’ll be there, follow along at from 6 on Tuesday, or via the hashtag #nadm12 on Twitter.

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