British Council: WANTED NOW! International Workshop on Cultural Rights

The British Council, the cultural relations agency for the United Kingdom in France, is organising a participative workshop which will take place in Paris and the greater Paris region from 8-11 February 2011. Forty young leaders from Europe (France, UK, Ireland and Germany) and North America will come together for three days to experience and reflect collectively on the notion of cultural rights.

Du 8 au 11 février 2011 à Paris et en région parisienne, le British Council propose un atelier international réunissant une quarantaine de jeunes leaders culturels européens et nord-américains. Cette rencontre a pour thème la notion de droit culturel, et invite à la réflexion sur le rôle de l’art et de la culture en tant que facteurs clés d’intégration ou d’exclusion sociale.

In partnership with la Ville de Paris, Le ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec.

Co-organised with Canal 93, La Maison des Métallos, le Relais Culture Europe and le 104. This workshop is part of the British Council programmes Transantlantic Network 2020 and CulturalLeadership International”

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Group Photo: The WANTED NOW! workshop on cultural rights

Group photo

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The photo is on Flickr along with the rest of Ben’s photos from the event. You can also see Steve’s photos, or all the photos tagged with wantednow. Download a hi-res version of the group photo (for printing or desktop wallpaper). read more

The mugshots

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View and download the individual photos on Flickr. read more

Closing session: What does it mean to have Cultural rights? You decide

There was some great discussion happening on Twitter during the concluding session. read more

“Culture is an emancipatory tool.”

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Catherine Fieschi - Director of Counterpoint, British Council. from the Preface to Culture & Class by John Holden
Feedback session at the British Council, Paris

Friday morning feedback was based around five quotes, with a small group working on each. The groups were asked to come up with a list of things to do, both individually and collectively: “The health of a culture can be measured by its openness and generosity to others.” — Patrice Meyer-Bisch To do: Share and […] read more

On Thursday morning at Canal 93 the delegates split into two groups and had workshops, one on the history and context of 'slam' in Paris with Félix Jousserand and Abd El Haq, the other on drumming and the analog/digital nature of playing and recording music with Mouloud Choutri and JeanPhi Dary. read more

Cultural Identity & 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation rights

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You can follow a cascading path through the generations of rights, with each generation of rights impacting on the availability of the next. Rights to do with one's cultural identity though, sit across all three generations, being about Liberty (freedom to express, for example) but also about Equality (one's cultural identity cannot be used to discriminate against you) and Fraternity (a right to participation in cultural heritage)...

Some photos from the events. Click to start slideshow. read more

Joseph Rossetto and Mohamed Rouabhi

A round table discussion with Joseph Rossetto, principal of Une Ecole de l'Experience, and Mohamed Rouabhi, writer and director of the film Vive la France read more


Reflecting on Wednesday’s sessions (defining cultural rights with Patrice Meyer-Bisch and the round table with the Roma at the Cirque Romanès), the delegates shared their thoughts and reactions. read more

On the way to the Cirque Romanès

A trip to the circus

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After a long morning of fascinating and intense debate about the definition of culture and cultural rights we had a free afternoon. There was just enough time to grab a pizza, pester the guy in the Orange shop about the SIM cards that still weren’t working 24 hours after we’d bought them, and record a […] read more

I caught up with Patrice after his morning session to find out how he thought it went. read more

Photos and audio from the groups discussing the "illustrations" they created to demonstrate a picture of a Cultural Leader. read more


The first evening here at the British Council’s participatory workshop, exploring the theme of Cultural Rights, set a tone of excited anticipation, as the various attendees introduced each other to the group, and shared their reasons for being their, as well as their feelings about culture, it’s meaning to them, and their sense of their […] read more

About the WANTED NOW! International Workshop on Cultural Rights

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From the 8th to 11th February emerging leaders from Europe and North America will gather in Paris to explore the notion of cultural rights: how culture and the arts are considered as fundamental rights and how they are key element of integration and social inclusion. Key partners from the French cultural sector and international experts […]

Click here to find the venues on Google Maps DAY 1, FEBRUARY 8 JOUR 1, 8 FÉVRIER Opening Ceremony at Maison des Métallos, 94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11. 6:30pm – Welcome speeches in the Pavilion, with Christophe Girard, Councillor for Culture, Mayor’s Office, City of Paris, Philippe Mourat, Director of the Maison des Métallos, and Chris Hickey, Director […] read more


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Find the venues on Google Maps. Découvrez les lieux de l'atelier sur Google Maps. read more

The Cultural Landscape

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Throughout Europe and across the world, the cultural sector is growing both in complexity and importance. With these changes comes a need for effective, indigenous cultural development models and increased networking locally, regionally and internationally. It is crucial that future cultural leaders develop and nurture the skills necessary to respond to this changing environment. It […]