Civil Service Live 2009

The Civil Service Live event 2009. Amplified were there on the day, covering the event and providing social media coverage of the participants and the demonstrations that were going on.

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:


We’ve had a week to recover from the frantic Amplification of the CSLive event last week – Joanne, Lucy, Christian, Benjamin and I (Steve) were there under the amplified banner at the invitation of the Central Office Of Information, to ‘do the Amplified thing’ at their event. The relationship between the civil service and social […] read more

Civil Service Live 2009 has finished. The Exhibitors have packed up their stands. The visitors have headed back to their offices and commutes.  On the other hand, the impact of the event has only just begun. You can read through the live blogs of the sessions, thumb through the pictures and see the qik videos taken during […] read more

Alex starts the session asking: how many of you do something digital in your day job? (quite a lot of hands are raised). Who feels reasonably proficient? (a reasonable amount). Coming from a background of marketing, Alex says how much the world has changed in terms of ‘getting your message across’, and she gives us […] read more

Here are photos taken at #CSLive09, have a look at the Flickr collection. You may even want to check the slideshow. read more

I’m live-blogging from Howard Rheingold’s session #CSLive09. Getting started in a couple of minutes. Alex from Central Office for Information introduces Rheingold. 12:49 Rheingold says he’s here to enlist the audience about new ways of getting things done. We’re all taught a story about how we do things together.  Over the last 10 years there […] read more

I’ve just had a really fascinating conversation with Rachel Neaman, who works in communications at the Department Of Health, and is obviously currently talking a lot about swine flu. We chatted a lot about the relationship between the need to disseminate scientific objective ‘facts’ about an issue, with the blogosphere’s inclination towards decontextualised editorialisation. The […] read more

The COI stand had a visit from Gus O’Donnell after his keynote.  A video will be added shortly, but here’s the audioboo of the quick discussion we had: read more

Live blogging from the last of the three day Civil Service Live event. We’re about to get started. Keep refreshing this page for updates. 09:35 The prerecorded message from PM Gordon Brown is played (same one from Tuesday). O’Donnell begins with note that PM is at G* and says this gives himthe capacity to be […] read more

Digital engagement : Building a better democracy

by , 08/07/09 10:43pm
with Alex Allan, James Crabtree, Tom Loosemore, William Perrin. I’m a little late but the 1st thing I catch is ‘We don’t have decent systems in place yet’. The Government has been too slow at democratising the power of information. It is something the government is working to open up and the examples given are, […]

CS Live – kids taskforce & DCSF tackling safety for kids

by , 08/07/09 7:29pm
In the spirit of sharing some more good practice in the civil service, I sat in on a session called ‘Watch over me’ – a unique collaboration (with Sharon Doughty, Paul Toase and Paul Elliott). The aim is to build tools to help keep kids safe in a joined up approach, delivered by the Kids […]

How culture, media and sport make a difference

by , 08/07/09 7:07pm
At the Civil Service Live 09 event today, I wanted to get a feel for good practice going on in different departments of the civil service so I sat in on a session about the DCMS (Culture, Media and Sports) and the DCSF (Children Schools and Families). I also went to the Digital Engagement: Building […]

CSLive and the COI

by , 08/07/09 3:57pm

here are two videos – one an interview with Tiffany St James of the COI, and one of some people playing with the Microsoft Surface followed by my comments on why the COI’s ‘innovation space’ is SO vital at an event like this. Hopefully these’ll give you a little context about what we’re doing here… read more

Alan Sugar at #cslive09

I’m liveblogging from the Alan Sugar session. Doors have been opened and the masses are piling in. 14:46 Getting started 5 mins late as the doors opened late. 14:50 Alan Sugar being introduced.  Purpose of today being stated: why small businesses are important to economy, society and to civil servants.  We are not here to […] read more


I’ve had a fascinating day so far, interviewing, talking to and photographing civil servants talking about their jobs and work environments. They’ve all been really interested in what we’re up to with Amplified, and particularly curious about the implications of social media for their work and communications departments. Here are a few of the audioboo […] read more


Alexis Cleveland from the Cabinet Office came by the Amplified stand to let us know her thoughts about the event, celebrating success and social media. Listen! read more

Tom just dropped by the Amplified stand for a one-minute interview, so I took the opportunity to use a 4iP investment – AudioBoo – to record Tom’s response to the event and to innovation in the civil service. read more

Anyam Morse at #cslive09

I’m in the Amyas Morse session on innovation and learning. The Comptroller and Auditor General says the challenges that we face are in innovation and the need to find new ways to work more effectively with fewer staff and a broader range of skills. 11:35 Bright ideas are no good unless implemented effectively. This doesn’t […] read more


Great audioboo from the wonderful @solobasssteve (Steve Lawson) on social media fears within the civil service. Great stuff Listen! read more

Successful Communities

I’m at the ‘Quality Street: Unwrapping the secrets of a successful community’ session at Civil Services Live.  Campbell Robb and David Rossington are presenting the work they’ve done in ‘Public Service Agreement 21′ (hereafter PSA21), and it’s about helping communities to be active, empowered and cohesive.  Communities where there is a shared sense of belonging […] read more

Best of Day 1 Civil Service Live…

by , 07/07/09 7:17pm
documentally’s qik videos (including Peter Jones speaking with Prince Charles!) Benjamin Ellis’s qik videos (including JP Rangaswami and a tour of the Central Office for Information bus). Audioboos: Peter Jones, Alastair Campbell, Bernd Eggen from the Met Office, Paul Evans of the Serious Crimes Unit, David Bell and Andrew McDonald on apprenticeships. The tweetstream of […]