Day 1: Smarter cities for a sustainable future

Today’s aims are to ‘Start’ an on going dialogue between civically minded city leaders and stake holders who want a part in shaping the future of our cities towards a sustainable future. Together we can develop a coordinated approach to what’s required to prepare our cities for the 22nd century.

Discuss and collaborate with other senior leaders

Develop new actionable ideas for enhancing the sustainability and “livability” of UK cities for citizens

Hear from forward-thinking speakers

Explore new ways of working across public and private sector boundaries

Discuss the obstacles that might get in the way and how they can be overcome.

Key questions and themes:

What are the challenges effecting UK city leaders today?

What is the impact of the current economic climate?

How will the new coalition government & the need for public sector spending cuts effect the development of cities?

Why cities are so important – their increasingly important role in shaping the prosperity & health of the nation; cities should differentiate themselves and have a brand strategy for increased city competition

The importance of place – infrastructure, buildings, parks, ambience, noise, smell, transport, things to see and do, the overall “feel / buzz” of a city.

Economy – sustainable economic growth within a city, inter-city co-operation and competition, heritage versus re-invention

Community – Looking after communities, giving them an environment to thrive and add value to society, enabling innovation and diversity, connecting people, promoting the voluntary sector, enabling communities to be more “self-sufficient” in tackling social deprivation.

Well being – Individual wellbeing and fulfillment within a city, being healthier, feeling safer, opportunity to participate in cultural and leisure activities, having the skills and knowledge to succeed within the city environment, individual opportunity

As a result, leaders have seen a vision for a sustainable future, begun to build a path to achieve it, and started to collaborate in a different way.

They come away with a view of two key questions: What will we start? What questions do we need to answer to help us move forward?

The audience today:

Senior city leaders and decision makers from a selection of UK cities, and from both the public and private sector; key influencers on national city strategy development and decision making (Inc. academics, think tanks and NGO’s); Policy makers and influencers; Private sector city developers, utilities and employers

Today’s speakers:

Ginni Rometty, WW VP Sales, IBM

Martin Powell, London Mayors Environmental Advisor

George Clark, TV (Place)

Hamish McRae, Author & Futurologist (Economy)

Chris Murray, Core Cities (Community)

Emma Harrison, CEO A4E (Well being)

Tony Juniper, Environmentalist

Wayne Hemmingway, Designer

Chair: Sarah Mukherjee, BBC Journalist

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