Finding the Balance – Innovation and “Person-Centred Progress”

Here at Vision2020 in Leicester, there’s a real conversational buzz about innovation in the next 10 years. The focus of the day is look forward 10 years, for a future vision of Leicester’s development. Technology will clearly be a huge part of this, but some people – particularly those over about 35 – are introducing a note of caution, based on their experience over the last decade of seeing novelty-driven innovation aimed at youth being the focus of technology, with little effort made to extol the benefits and virtues to those who are less interested in novelty and more in the way that technology can make their lives more person-centred, not less so. Many people are struggling to keep up with ever-advancing innovation, and are struggling to see the value when so often the public face of a technology is almost exclusively youth-centric.

So, as hand-held tech matures and consolidates, as broadband gets faster and more stable, as internet services are available on a wider range of consoles, TVs, PCs, phones – we need to be listening to the voices of the tech-cautious as much as the technophilic.

It’s heartening that the attendees today seem to cover a vast cross-section of Leicester’s varied communities – crossing national, religious, gender and generational demographics. I hope we can gather both voices in our Amplified work here today…

I had a chat with two lovely women who had been in a session about future tech, and had a few important questions about the role of technology in future of Leicester:


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