FuTRO Monitor Jam

Come and help make the future railway a reality. 

Following the successful launch of FuTRO, the TSLG has set the foundations for an ambitious open innovation programme. We are convening two Jam workshops for stakeholders in the rail industry and a diverse group of innovators to kick-start collaborations.  This Jam will address the following challenge:

The Universal Data Challenge.

  • Can you help control the railway in a more joined up and efficient manner by combining multiple data sources in real time and in different formats? 

This half-day workshop will establish unmet technological and business needs to inform future innovation in the railways for many years to come.   The Jam session will give you the chance to explore new ideas and collaborations which could evolve into successful submissions once the challenge competition officially opens in October.

The vision for how the future railway will conceptually operate is embedded across the Rail Technical Strategy (RTS) 2012. The many aspects of the RTS vision will have implications for the optimisation of traffic regulation in this future world. Hence they have implications for the programme named Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation (FuTRO).

The Jam will be facilitated by 100%Open, experts in open innovation.

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Here are the videos of all the ideas: read more

Feedback from the pitches by table

by , 18/09/13 11:59am
Each team had 2 minutes to report back – it’s a bit ambitious to try and solve all the railways problems before lunch! It’s all about helping us get familiar with the process, and to make any mistakes before we do it in public. It’s probably more useful to feedback on the question, the bit […]

Video of the 3 minute joint venture icebreaker at the beginning of the day. read more

Liveblog from the FuTRO Monitor Jam

by , 18/09/13 9:16am
This is where the liveblog of the FuTRO Monitor Jam day will appear. Click through to read the posts.

Photos from the day of the FuTRO Monitor Jam. read more

Tell me more about this jam?

by , 17/09/13 9:47am
We held a Problem Pow-wow on the 14th August with key industry stakeholders to help formulate our challenges. We found that there were significant umet needs in current research and development programmes. In order to make effective progress on FuTRO we first need to have comparable data across a diverse system.

FuTRO – The Future Railway

by , 17/09/13 9:46am
What is FuTRO? FuTRO aims to deliver radical developments that will shape the railway 30 to 50 years in the future and is the foundation for tools that optimise regulation of the railway through time and position management. Who is behind FuTRO? FuTRO is a TSLG (Technical Strategy Leadership Group) Future Railway project.  It is facilitated by […]

You can view the presentations made on the day here. read more

About the RTS

by , 21/04/13 10:24pm
The Rail Technical Strategy 2012 (RTS 2012) aims to assist the industry’s strategic planning processes, inform policy makers and funders about the potential benefits of new techniques and technologies and provide suppliers with guidance on the future technical direction of the industry. TSLG has based the development of RTS 2012 around its 4C challenges of increased capacity, reduced carbon, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. Responses to TSLG’s 2010 consultation about the railway’s strategy confirmed widespread stakeholder support for continuing to focus on the 4Cs as strategic objectives. They are also consistent with government policy objectives.