Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation Launch

FuTRO Launch at the British Library Conference Centre
1 May 2013

The Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation (FuTRO) programme is an important step towards implementing the Rail Technical Strategy 2012 (RTS) and a key enabler for the 30 year vision for an intensively used, on time railway.

At the launch of the RTS in December, Steve Yianni, Chair of the Technical Strategy Leadership Group described FuTRO as the single most important initiative to enable the realisation of the vision of the future railway. It impacts all of the 4Cs, significantly reducing carbon and cost, raising capacity and customer satisfaction.

This event provided an overview of FuTRO, which features in the Control, Command and Communication section of the RTS 2012. With a mixture of presentations from senior Rail industry people and interactive workshops, the day explored the aims of the FuTRO programme, its challenges, the industry context, issues surrounding the migration path over thirty years and future funding opportunities.

The day offered opportunities for suppliers to get involved and contribute to the development of potentially world leading solutions. Delegates included specialists in optimisation, train control, algorithm development, centralised network control and intelligent automated traffic management systems.

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About FuTRO – The Future Railway

by , 03/11/13 11:06pm
What is FuTRO? FuTRO aims to deliver radical developments that will shape the railway 30 to 50 years in the future and is the foundation for tools that optimise regulation of the railway through time and position management. Who is behind FuTRO? FuTRO is a TSLG (Technical Strategy Leadership Group) Future Railway project.  It is facilitated by […]

Report on the Futro supplier launch event

by , 24/06/13 5:27pm
A report of the day which you can read in full here.

You can see a visual representation of the day here. read more

You can view the presentations made on the day here. read more

One of the really good things that happened at the event was the amount of time that people spent talking, arguing and debating the issues – the plenary session split into working groups.  Here’s a short video I made so that you can see the groups working.   read more

Reports from Breakout Sessions and Next Steps

by , 01/05/13 1:14pm
The material produced during the breakout sessions was posted to large display boards around the event; each facilitator provided “headlines” which are summarised below. Challenge 1 – Meeting Customer Needs Customers included end users and freight users – not ToCs. “My Needs” – a crowd-sourced information gathering network; information from customers in realtime “My Journey” […]

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Livestream of the Plenary Sessions

by , 01/05/13 9:32am
Here’s the livestream!  

FuTRO Live Blog of the Day

by , 01/05/13 8:00am
This is the live blog for the Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation Launch. Click through to the post to see the entries.

About the RTS

by , 21/04/13 10:24pm
The Rail Technical Strategy 2012 (RTS 2012) aims to assist the industry’s strategic planning processes, inform policy makers and funders about the potential benefits of new techniques and technologies and provide suppliers with guidance on the future technical direction of the industry. TSLG has based the development of RTS 2012 around its 4C challenges of increased capacity, reduced carbon, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. Responses to TSLG’s 2010 consultation about the railway’s strategy confirmed widespread stakeholder support for continuing to focus on the 4Cs as strategic objectives. They are also consistent with government policy objectives.
RTS Diagram

This is a graphical representation of the RTS 2012. The six main themes are represented by the jigsaw pieces. Running through each are the common design concepts (see top left diagram). The main themes sit upon the enabling foundations – innovation, whole system and people. Together, these enable the operation concepts (represented by the two […] read more

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About RSSB

by , 21/04/13 8:17pm

RSSB carries out a broad range of activities which support the industry in the delivery of improved performance and cost. Here is a brief guide summing up their broad range of products and services in support of industry’s data-to-decision making cycle. read more

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FuTRO Challenges Document

by , 20/04/13 7:16pm
Understanding and managing the placement and movement of trains is fundamental to the operation of a safe and efficient railway. The industry calls this process regulation. FuTRO – Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation — is an ambitious programme of exploration and innovation that’s part of the UK’s Rail Technical Strategy 2012. It’s concerned with how the […]

The FuTRO Briefing Document

by , 20/04/13 5:20pm
Here you can find a link to download the FuTRO Briefing Document outlin ing .