George Clarke, talking about ‘sense of PLACE’.

George Clarke, Architect, TV producer (The Home Show – Restoration Man) and Patron of the Civic Trust Awards: talking about ‘sense of PLACE’. What is a sense of place? Psychologically powerful, a sense of safety and comfort. Like ‘home’. Looking at spaces in your environment.

What has happened in terms of urban development? Leave the world in a better condition than how you found it. Is that happening?

Electricity produces light… even at night, causing massive suction of energy to our resources. We are pretty bad at reusing things. We are still materialistic overall. (Let’s be more innovative about it!).

Transport: we need to get everywhere – quicker! so much so that we can’t move (depicted by a slide of a traffic jam).

Housing has moved on in terms of sustainability but we still have a long way to go. In the future, we will be paid for the energy that we give back. If we don’t make it economically viable the change will not happen.

Commercial drive and the working environment. Even cafes (think fast food) are built for ‘quick feed, quick exit’. What’s the impact of this?

We need to get more innovative. The New York Times for example. Super intelligent, interactive buildings use light, energy… how we illuminate space can have a positive impact if it can emulate the natural environment.

At home, recycling is key… energy and ‘things’.

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