How culture, media and sport make a difference

At the Civil Service Live 09 event today, I wanted to get a feel for good practice going on in different departments of the civil service so I sat in on a session about the DCMS (Culture, Media and Sports) and the DCSF (Children Schools and Families). I also went to the Digital Engagement: Building a Better Democracy with Alex Allan, Tom Loosemore, James Crabtree and Will Perrin.

Inspiring lives and places – how culture, media and sport make a difference

Some highlights from the DCMS: ‘things to be proud of’

Digital Britain will provide the digital structure via universal broadband so we can ‘protect and nurture creative content’.

Setting up the memorial for the 7/7 bombings: The memorial reflects the collective feeling and individual grief, and is a place to reflect.

London 2012: winning the bid gives us the chance to change and inspire everyone young people, and a sense of pride.

Sam Coombes, Athlete Mentor, talked about how sport changed his life. He had few successes at school but his parents took him to a range of sporting clubs. He is now giving back by being a mentor, a programme run by DCMS.

I’m sure there were more but I ran to the DCSF session!

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