How IPTV will change the world – Questions from the panel.

After a great discussion about the possibilities of IPTV and the possible pitfalls which might lie ahead the panel ended on these questions:

Richard: if there’s one thing YouView could do as a business to help it be successful what would it be?

The content market is 200Billion – as more is generated does it lose its value?

What can learn from the Music industry: the artist has become more important than the record label. Music is more a commodity and live music is a premium – so you can charge more at a concert and give your music away online for free. Piracy – in the TV world?

Pick a person and look at what their gratification is: does it make them feel better / learn something / increase their confidence. Then write down their affordance: what are the things they can do with that experience? What are the functions?

Some of the answers that came in via tweet and text were:

in answer to Richard’s question, youview should ensure it is self explanatory. The simpler the better. A good tag simple and memorable tag line would be a great start. (via text)

more content doesn’t necessarily reduce the value of any existing content – but our discovery and curation tools need to improve alongside this (via text)

What do you think? Why not add your thoughts as a comment below.

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