How Not To Gain New Listeners – A Post by Lykle de Vries

Yesterday in the pub after a couple of fabulous panel discusssions here at UnConvention, a friend of mine had a guy approach him in the pub and try and force him to listen to his CD. He pretty much got everything wrong he could’ve got wrong in the conversation, so my friend Lykle – a Dutch music promoter, entrepreneur and online music specialist – wrote an excellent post about the encounter. Click here to read his post.

I’ve had the same conversation so many times over the years, with people convinced of their own genius who are unwilling to see that my time is valuable and asking me to spend an hour of it on some completely untested, uncontextualised music is an unrealistic expectation (moreso because I don’t even buy CDs – if you want to give me your music to listen to, a weblink to a download is the only thing I can really accept – I don’t have anything to play CDs on.)

It’s another of those things that gets discussed at UnConvention in a way that rarely happens elsewhere. Strategies for being a Good Citizen in relation to your music, rather than just a narcissistic muppet, unwilling to acknowledge that some people might not feel the need to discover your music without a damn good reason…

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