Internet of Things – TSB Showcase: An Introduction

The Technology Strategy Board is supporting 10 projects in its “Internet of Things Convergence Programme” and is bringing the project collaborators together to ‘showcase’ their work and debate and explore what they’ve found and why it’s important. Working with 100% Open and Graham Hitchin who are advising the TSB, Benjamin Ellis and I will be there (with Xander Cansell working remotely curating content) for Amplified to cover the event, find out what happened in the projects and document the day. We’ll be liveblogging, Tweeting making Audioboo, taking photographs and other stuff!

The 10 projects cover a broad sweep of IoT territory – from tracking and tagging objects and people to providing a full integration layer for converged services in healthcare and enabling people to live longer in their own homes accessing wellbeing and other services; the scope is broad and ambitious. And notice the use of the ‘convergence’ term. It comes through in the 10 project summaries I was sent. I’m interested to find out more tomorrow.

As well as running their own projects, the participants have been involved in collaborative workshops to explore the issues and debate and explore ideas.

 Last year, the TSB hosted a series of guest bloggers and in his introduction to the series, Richard Booth of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network did his best to place the hype in context:

Presently scaling the peak of Gartner-style exalted expectations, the internet of things continues to position itself as one of the potentially more dynamic markets gathering around the periphery of the digital economy. The regularity with which the pundits currently revamp statistical forecasts does, at times, invite us to consider it already a foregone conclusion that this most emerging of technologies will eventually manoeuver itself into every corner of life as we know it – 50bn URL-enabled devices within the next 5yrs, $40 trillion of new business opportunity over the next 25.”

In a technically-focused post, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (a well-known figure on the IoT circuit) argued that

The Internet of Things is now strongly established as a trend, not necessarily a market yet.”

She identified three main business archetypes identifying product categories for emerging market as:

  • Product companies who find telco partners to bootstrap the business

  • Web companies with prototyping capabilities and enough turnover to deal with some manufacturing

  • Advertising agencies who develop product ideas as PR

Later in the series, Jana Wedekind of IN2 took an approach she called the “Re-mix of Now” with her perceptions of the interaction of the real and virtual world;

All signs we see point towards content material that will be remixed and reused within a new context. In this way, content holders will become curators that create and connect content in meaningful ways, in many cases also related to specific locations.”

Her approach points to the interaction of web-based applications, locations and people to develop new services enabled by the effortless exchange of information and data between devices or services”.

And so we come to tomorrow and the results of the projects competed for last year and implemented this. And that word ‘converged’….

A more converged scenario where there is increased, easier and harmonised access to data about ‘things’ within and across domains would cause a step change in the rate of innovation and create a marketplace for applications and services”

And the projects “explore, from a business and user perspective, the case for moving towards an Internet of Things converged scenario, and to develop strategies and plans to get there.”

The event to find out more about all this is tomorrow afternoon – and is sold-out; if you can’t be there look at the Twitter hashtag #TSBIOT – and follow events as we liveblog and Tweet!

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