Introduction to the event: Alex Nicholls

Alex Nicholls, University Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship, Skoll Centre, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, opens the day:

- We held a first event like this 5 years ago – we wanted to revist the idea of a one day event in Oxford

- Fair Trade has been moving fast, and excellerating in the last 5 years – we want to ask more penetating questions of fair trade – 5 years ago we wanted to explore what fair trade was doing but not be too critical – the way FT has developed has been positive but has raised critical issues – up to the last 18 months FT has been under benign economic conditions – that has long since past, so the question now is how to continue to grow FT in times of recession. This is highlighting polictical questions to be answered by those involved in FT.

- Second big area is question of mainstreaming – how to take the movement into the mainstream – the achellenges and issues of mainstreaming and scaling and the are the more problematic issues

- Last time we did this we were aware it was very much talking at the audience – we want you to drive the issues and the programe so the afternoon is about forming discussion groups facilitated by the organisers – we want to get YOU involved in the conversation as much as possible (AG- the perfect Amplified event!)

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