Leadership in Uncertain Times

In a turbulent time for the leaders of the cultural and creative sectors, the themes of this session were apposite; the desire to Contribute, the opportunities to Reflect, and the need for Resilience.  In a thoughtful and inclusive session, Hilary Carty set the scene in compelling style and an Open Space session led to illuminating and engaging discussion.

We looked at the results of CLP’s Spring Debate series and watched some of the video made during and around the debates.  Hilary provided her thoughts and interpretations of the views expressed at the debates and posed some challenging questions:

“There is uncertainty and science is moving quickly, economic rule books are being destroyed and the fire is blazing. Do we have a bigger role? Should we interact more with the Scientists and the Economists?”

This challenge to move out of what one participant described as the ‘somewhat insular world’ often inhabited by leaders was much discussed in this lively and thought-provoking session.

An Open Space session followed, with the themes of

  • Moving from Good to Outstanding Leadership
  • Freelancers
  • Localism and other thoughts
  • Equalities and Inequalities

You can see the liveblog of the session (which includes a short video of the Open Space discussion) below.

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