Listen Up! Young Voices In Democracy

As young people, youth workers and policy-makers we each have insights to share about strengthening young people’s participation in decision-making. This event is an opportunity to capture these insights – to inform policy and projects now and in the future.

Focusing on youth and democracy participants will,

  • Share examples of good practice
  • Reflect on different policy approaches at national and international level
  • Learn about the Youth In Action programme



If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:


We formed various groups and discussed the possible challenges and interventions connected to youth and democracy across Europe. You’ll find links to each of the fully captured notations over at the Listen Up! YiA posterous catch-all blog here. Or you can click through directly to each of the countries by clicking on the country name […] read more

Listen Up! Youth In Action Project Visit to FORWARD, 27.6.12

by , 28/06/12 2:57pm
I accompanied delegates from Germany, Poland and Sweden to visit FORWARD – an African Diaspora women’s campaign and support charity based in Willesden. We were met by Saria Khalifa, who took us calmly and compassionately through the distressing details of the practice known as Female Genital Mutilation or FGM. First we were invited to take […]

Former Lewisham Deputy Youth Mayor Danny explains his perspective on the involvement of young people in politics. read more

We’ve been talking a fair bit this morning about democratic inclusion, and have got onto the topic of who gets to define the terms of engagement in the democratic process.  One of the elements brought in was this image about Women’s voices in the US media, talking about issues that directly affect women From here, we […] read more

The four projects being visited this afternoon

by , 27/06/12 12:19pm
This afternoon is about visiting successful projects. There will be four different projects that we will visit. Young Mayor – A project in Lewisham where they elect a young mayor and that person has some decision-making power in Lewisham. Faith Matters – a group that works internationally, in the UK, in the Middle East – about conflict […]

A great infographic about women’s voices in the media from 4th Estate. read more

Comments around Europe (from the liveblog)

by , 27/06/12 11:53am
Jussi Salinen, Finland – It’s true foreign students are normally making their own student bodies, at the same time we’re excluding them from the normal student bodies in the university systems. We are not making it on purpose but it happens all the time because the materials are in Finnish. Same problem with youth work […]

Mice, Democracy and Finding a shared language, with Antigoni Ioannidou from Cyprus

by , 27/06/12 10:42am
A comedic conversation about ‘the language barrier’ turned into a slightly more serious conversation about negotiated language for politics and conversations about democracy… At least twice in this conversation, Antigoni and I misunderstand each other, and have to re-negotiate the space. But understanding the importance of making sure what you mean is what the person […]

Listen Up! Live Blog

by , 26/06/12 11:35pm
This will be our live blog for the day - please click the title of this post to view it and check back for live updating of sessions and talks during the event.

See the image, we’ve started a mind map about the challenges of strengthening young people’s participation in decision-making. What’s missing? Please send ideas and suggestions. Dan read more

Things to think about for this event

by , 26/06/12 2:26pm
Listen Up will be a dynamic seminar – where the outcomes will depend on the interest you bring to the event and the contribution you make. We would like you to think about some questions in advance, so that you arrive fully prepared and ready to participate. Please take time to think about the following:- […]

Here are photos from today's event. read more