The Launch of Mardi

A new international charity for university alumni to do good.

Mardi will provide support for existing charities and other nonprofits by tapping in to the pool of resources provided by the many university alumni (including alumni from the University of Life) who wish to use their talents to give something back to society. The new organisation will act as a catalyst to facilitate and promote:

  • collaboration with existing nonprofits
  • fundraising
  • consciousness raising
  • networking about what works and what doesn’t
  • sharing of best practices in philanthropy
  • international co-operation
  • access to researchers and technical know-how
  • open source software development for nonprofits
  • creative solutions to hard problems
  • nonprofit projects and campaigns leading to ACTION

Kevin Brennan MP will host the Mardi Launch Reception at the House of Commons on 1 June 2011.
The evening has been designed to promote productive networking. There is an international line-up of inspirational speakers:
Prof. Mark Solms, Land Reformer, Solms-Delta Wine Estate
Jillian Edelstein, Principal Photographer, Mardi ( )
Regina Yau, Founder and President of The Pixel Project ( Also and, don’t miss the animated PSA just out )

Betty Makoni
, Founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide and also here

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:


Photos from the launch of Mardi. read more

Mardi – FAQs

by , 01/06/11 3:01pm
Do we really need another charity? We have no wish to re-invent the wheel or duplicate the efforts of others, but we know that many charities could do with a bit of extra help. Many university alumni recognise that they have been given a leg-up in life and are more than willing to help others. […]

Why join Mardi?

by , 01/06/11 2:56pm
Mardi will create an infrastructure to help people make a difference. Partly this will be achieved by gathering together bright and talented people who want to make a difference and partly by using technology, such as collaboration software. Initial responses have been very positive: “Congratulations on setting up Mardi – brilliant concept.” Mandy Wallace, Owner at […]