Northern Area Dance Meeting 2012

Following on from the initial Northern Area Dance Network Meeting that was facilitated in November 2010, Producer Dave Edmunds and Artistic Director of Vincent Dance Theatre, Charlotte Vincent, have been commissioned by Arts Council England, Yorkshire in order to facilitate a further enquiry into the current dance ecology in ‘the North’. They have decided to approach this by facilitating three discussion-based dinner sessions with invited guests from each of the three Northern Regions – North West, North East and Yorkshire – followed by a second larger networking and feedback meeting in March 2012 in Leeds, involving the wider dance community.

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Archived liveblog of the second and third NADM12 meetings

by , 15/03/12 1:51pm
This is the archive of the live blog for the second and third Northern Area Dance Meetings 2012. NADM 15 March

The Attendees From Leeds Give their Closing Thoughts

by , 20/02/12 2:52pm
Here’s the list of everyone that was at the Leeds dinner: It was convened and organised by David Edmunds of DepArts, and Charlotte Vincent of Vincent Dance Theatre. Fergus Justice-Mills – Chief Executive Barnsley Civic Rachel Kirsche – Course leader in Dance/ Senior Lecturer Leeds Metropolitan University Janet Smith – Principle Northern School of Contemporary […]

Asking Better Questions – Northern Area Dance Network 2012

by , 20/02/12 11:46am
It’s great to be back working with the Northern Area Dance Network again – back in 2010, we were involved in their first get together in Leeds, a large meeting bringing together stakeholders in the world of dance from across ‘The Greater North’ to talk about what exactly that meant – the idea of The […]

Questions Questions – A Comprehensive List From The Northern Area Dance Meeting

by , 25/11/10 4:14pm
As part of the morning’s breakout sessions, the attendees compiled lists of questions that they felt were pertinent to the dance sector in the north, and from those four key questions were pulled for the afternoon discussion: A – what are the mechanisms for bringing independent artists and small organisations together and keeping them together […]

Listening in on a discussion between people who work in dance, as a musician, one part of the usual conversation that we have is refreshingly absent. Here at the Northern Area Dance Meeting in Leeds, people from every area of dance – independent dancers, teachers, venue managers, agencies, choreographers, festival directors – have come together […] read more

Photos from the Northern Area Dance Meeting. Hosted on Flickr, click through to see photographers details. read more

Biographies of NADM10 speakers

by , 23/11/10 3:48pm
Charlotte Vincent has been making and touring devised dance theatre work since leaving Sheffield University in 1989. She founded Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) in 1994 and as Artistic Director / Choreographer of the company is regarded as ‘one of the most challengingly theatrical of the UK's choreographer-directors’ (The Observer). VDT makes work for middle scale theatres, accompanied by an extensive programme of participation and professional development work.