National Freelancers Day 2012

NFD is our once-a-year opportunity to highlight the massive contribution of flexible workers to the UK economy – and we’d like everyone in the freelance sector to spread the word. Let’s remind the world of the positive difference freelancers are making every day! Join us on Wednesday November 21st

You’ll find some of our content from last year below – and some audio interviews in the Audioboo box underneath this message. These will be replaced by content from this year’s event as it is gathered on the day.

If you are using social media tools to report on the day remember the hashtag is:

Audioboos from last year's National Freelancers Day

Knights of the working world need our support – Pat Kane

by , 22/11/12 12:20am
Published in The Scotsman on Wednesday 28 September 2011 “Thanks to the bustling times, a man of action will always find employment.” These are the words of the Norman knight Maurice de Bracy in Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe (1819), after introducing the phrase “free lance” to the English language for the first time. A mercenary warrior – unsworn to a […]

Freelancing: My View – Claire Jenks

by , 22/11/12 12:15am
So today is National Freelancers Day so I thought I’d add a little post about how I got into freelancing, why I do it and try to clear up some questions I often get asked. The majority of my friends are designers of some sort or another. Growing up with a lot of them through […]

Short bios of the panel for NFD2012

by , 21/11/12 6:13pm
Short biographies of the host and panellists for NFD2012

by , 21/11/12 5:34pm

Photos on Instagram tagged with nfd2012. read more

Too Many Careers? (Diversifying Your Talents and Energy)

by , 21/11/12 4:11pm
Lobelia Lawson has recently written about having a diverse career with multiple strands  - here is an excerpt: I’ve always been creative. I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve been satisfied just doing a task. I was the kid who liked to mow the lawn in circular patterns (much to the dismay […]

Contract templates for Freelancers

by , 21/11/12 4:01pm
Contracts are an essential part of every freelancer’s toolkit and should not be underestimated. Not only do they outline the wants, needs and expectations of the parties, but they also provide a legal framework within which these will be achieved, and a back up should legal intervention be required. Contracts provide a formal definition of […]

PCG, the professional association for UK freelancers, contractors and consultants, have a variety of free resources for freelancers and contractors including this free ebook. Head to their site to download it. read more

This is the fifth of six special mini-movies to celebrate, focusses on freelancing and the graduate community. read more

Courage, skill and no holidays: What it takes to be a successful freelancer (via

by , 21/11/12 3:36pm
Being your own boss is every worker’s dream. Until, that is, they meet the boss. Sometimes we don’t like ourselves as much as we think we might. Despite this, there are more than 4m people in Britain who have decided to go it alone and are self-employed. A combination of a difficult economic climate and […]

Ed Gandia is a successful freelancer, co-author of the bestselling book 'The Wealthy Freelancer' and the man behind read more

Linked Resources from the freelance crowd

by , 21/11/12 3:24pm
People across Twitter are sharing resources, articles and more throughout today to help and advise freelancers on a variety of topics. Here are a selection of some of the best.

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If you’re a musician, or in pretty much any freelance job, you’re likely to have been asked the question in the post title. Perhaps you get asked it a lot. There’s definitely an assumption in certain sectors that doing things in the arts for a living is some kind of soft option, or we do it because we can get ‘a proper job’... read more

Thinking Like a Business – Getting the basics right, starting out correctly, working effectively You are your own boss, free of the shackles of corporate life. But you're also a microbusiness -- and businesses have to manage their tax, their cashflow, their bank accounts and paperwork. 'Thinking like a Business' is the latest in our unique series of short films we're showing in the run-up to National Freelancers Day. Focussing on the practicalities of independent working, 'Thinking like a Business' features successful freelancers and industry experts sharing their experiences and giving their advice on how best to keep your business affairs in order. read more

Making it happen

by , 14/11/12 10:50am

Freelancers' perspectives on the realities of working for yourself read more

Success for hire

by , 14/11/12 10:40am

How do freelancers help businesses unlock innovation and growth? This is the second of six special mini-movies to celebrate, showing why freelancers are vital to the UK economy. read more

Why all the fuss about freelancing? This is the first of six special mini-movies to celebrate, showing why freelancers are absolutely vital to the UK economy. read more

Who are PCG?

by , 19/11/10 10:36pm
PCG is an independent not-for-profit professional association. Our mission is representing, supporting and promoting the freelance community, with specific attention to the needs of those freelancers who are members of PCG. We aim to be the ultimate authority on the issues that affect the freelance community and strive for freelancing to be valued and respected […]