Nine-day summit on sustainability begins

Great summary of morning keynotes on the Reuters microsite -

Opening a 9-day sustainability summit in London, Stephen Leonard of IBM said that after a decade of debate on the issue of sustainability, the next decade must be about decisions.

We live in a world where we’re being challenged to do more with less, said Leonard, Chief Executive of IBM UK & Ireland. Despite an increasing awareness of the economic connection between business and the environment, he suggested that new tactics were needed to drive change.

“Appealing purely to the conscience of organisations and individuals has not created the impact we need to have,” he said. Instead, he believes that an appeal to enlightened self-interest would be more likely to prompt action.

“This is not just what businesses can do for sustainability but what sustainability can do for business,” Leonard said.

Summit organisers IBM believe that better business intelligence through technology and analytics can reduce waste and, therefore, reduce costs. It’s not just about doing good but about doing good business.

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