Notes from the morning discussions

Themes from the morning presentations for the record.

Long list

Cross-sector synergies
Demonstrator is ‘everything but the app’
Need new value chain
Human challenges
Trust and collaborate
Combine data sets
Open innovation
Demonstrator as app store
Open standards
Focus on data not platform
Work with orgs already in space
Personal control of data
Geographical place
Trust before convergence
Who owns the data?
Assisted living and health


1. Control/Ownership of Data

Politics/How generated?/Sell data/Consent/Benefits/Protect from negatives/New data policies/Easy Control

2. Cross-sector synergies

Cash value/Commercial Opportunity/Fora/Lawyers and Policy Makers

3. Combine data sets

Semantic mapping/Govnt leads by standardisation (Link Gov)/Standards/Identify who people are/Compete or collaborate with the gorillas

4. Human Challenges

Some care more than others/Key and underplayed subject

5. New value chain
6. Barriers to entry
7. Success measures


Control and ownership of data
Whose data is it? If it’s the bus fine, if its me on the bus I want control of that.
Moving perception and ownership of data down the line – people want control, not clearly defined.
DECC says you own data and you can give people permission to use it. Needs to be easy to do this.
Need new data policies
Trust business and service level agreements

Cross sector synergies
Do more of ‘this’ – online/offline gatherings
Get more key decision makers involved
Demonstrate cash value of synergies
Focus on legal and technology enablers and then a sector specific focus on commercial enablers

Combining data sets
Needs to be unique for user identification
Emergence of standards
Semantic mapping is key and presentation of data using standards for new data that is being produced

Human Challenges
Vital to consider how people ‘feel’ about privacy and data change
Appealing to things people want – universal consumer benefits


Maurizio’s observations and conclusions

Personal aspect of data
Value chain – enabling micropayments
More data

Location smaller than town bigger than house
Bottom up ecosystem
Platform that brings it all together

Build or leverage existing? Use a broker e.g. PlanetIT
Privacy vs openness
Walled garden versus open system
Standards vs. Flexibility

Q&A from the floor
Garden – halfway house? Some rules. Lowering the barriers to SMEs
Campus is a critical unit of analysis
Timeframe is a couple of years
Success – when the funding stops what do you see? SMEs engaged. Terabytes of data. Sustainability. Buzz and activity.
September/October, an open competition.

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