Open space pitching session

The group is invited to pitch ideas for further discussion.

Andy Meyer: would like to talk about Mapping and networks.

Simon Cook: For 10-15 years his organisation has been working in the Leeds area – on something called resnet. He invites people to join him to discuss.

Kate Welch: ‘building resilience and self belief’. Acumen – in the North east – is a social enterprise. The biggest barrier to make things happen is the mind set, she says. People use self defeating language – ‘I’ll never be able to do that’ or ‘it won’t work – not for me’. Over the past 8 years Kate has made it her mission to address these major barriers. She uses Positive Psychology tools in the community setting, courses, a network of facilitators to deliver these ideas (for example measuring self efficacy, self belief – all of which are research backed) and then working on suitable interventions. She talks about an initiative called ‘Blooming Marvellous’. How do we as groups, either working on amazing community projects or developing ideas for potential projects, learn resilience so that these good ideas, even if they fail at first, won’t deter people from trying to make things better?

Alastair Sinclair from The UK Recovery Federation (substance misuse/becoming drug free): ‘social capital, hope, optimism and resilience’. ‘Wired in’ is an internet based recovery forum. They are running a Conference on 9 September (details?). Alastair believes that by mobilising people in recovery we will essentially save money by skilling up people in recovery… not just improve their lives and give them a reason to be drug free. He is interested in talking about other projects that might lead to social capital in a similar way.

Gordon Ferguson: If there’s a lot of trouble on the streets in our community it is called ‘anti social behaviour.’ How can we tackle this from the bottom up? by enabling people … and teaching them conflict resolution.

Trying to get ‘Mind the Gap’ in to the mainstream volunteering community. If we can make the right connections we can help this happen – can anyone help? (Roy?)

Ed Cox would like to talk about ‘The Big Society… But??’ (Yes.. but) – Big Society Policy

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