Power pitches from participants

On booking, attendees were  invited to suggest a short presentation they would like to give. Here’s a selection:

Chris Ward, The Blue Dot: the power of mobile; reward and recognition

Dominic Vallely, See the Difference: the power of storytelling

Caroline Garnham, Family B-hive: the power of social networks

Benita Matofska, People Who Share

Sheetal Mehta: Microfinance

Rosamund Elwes, Unlocking Behaviour Change: Creating Cultural Contagion

Peter Thomond, SportInspired: Active Social Partners

Toby Moores, Amplifying Social Capital

William Rogers, Social impact evaluation and community asset mapping

Mark Turrell, The Science of Spread

Nichola Hartwell, Banking of Good

Anna Pearson, The Light Touch Volunteering Option

Nigel Kershaw, Extending the Boundaries of Philanthropy

Andy Gibson, Social Media for Social Good

Thea Allison, Human Imagination

Tessy Britton, Gifting Knowledge

Flick McLean, New Trend Philanthropy

Prushanth Naidu, Deutsche Bank: The Positive Feedback Loop

Barret Stanboulian, Public Square Ltd: Business Case not Charity Case

Matt Kepple, Let People Give Together

Sabrina Broadbent, The Kids Are Alright: Innovative Partnerships

Anne-Marie Huby, Justgiving.com

The afternoon session will provide an opportunity for facilitated brainstorming of ideas moderated by Karl James

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  1. Posted February 16, 2011 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    Really looking forward to this event. Hoping to meet people that want to help establish a new international charity for university alumni who want to give something back. We already have some great people on board. Further details at http://mardinet.org and of course I am very happy to answer questions.