Author Profiles

Here you’ll find brief introductions to the people that help to Amplify your event.

Amplified’s Organiser:

Steve Lawson (@solobasssteve)

musician (solo bassist), teacher, writer, accidental academic, linguaphile, utopian pragmatist, happy enthusiast.

Our Amplifiers…

Brian Condon (@brian_condon)

Strategist, working on collaboration in Science and Creativity, sailer, guitarist – boat dweller. Broadband campaigner

Benjamin EllisBenjamin Ellis (@benjaminellis)

First generation digital native in a Web 2.0 world. Tell me a bit about you.

Laura Kidd (@warriorgrrl)

solo artist she makes war, sometime singer for the young punx, professional bassist, videographer, photographer, web writer and proud owner of @misterbenji


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