Range of different trending topics – Stuart Cosgrove’s final session

Quick blog post to summarise range of different trending topics discussed during Stuart Cosgrove’s final session:

3D was not hugely important

Facebook is significantly important platform for recommendation platform

X factor- big TV brand that across many platforms can impact the audience. Fan culture.

Data is vital – how to exploit data about your customers, users etc

Sky – paid market for sport and high value film. Still has a place. Time Shifting through Sky Plus though the consumer wants even more control…

Digital Natives: young people. Do they really matter? yes in the shaping of new trends but they are unpredictable as consumers.

Royal Wedding: a world water cooler.

Move to Manchester: a good thing? Bismarck said in USA there’s still a lot of value in face to face meetings.

Piracy: conclusion was that piracy often evolves as tech cannot satisfy instant gratification culture

Coalition: an essential part of modern business; multiple platforms, growing content.

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