Responses to a ‘question of funding’ (inspired by #tds10)

In response to a post on this website, and inspired by the conversation today at #tds10 a debate is beginning between artists who are unable to attend this symposium in person. The very first comment from Andy Elliot discusses some issues around getting hold of funding sources, even for projects that seem ideal for the applications concerned –  although by no means bitter, after a number of rejections he’s obviously rather disheartened with the process:

In order to get any kind of meaningful funding, you have to become an expert at applying for funding. You have to dedicate your whole mind, soul and being to chasing funding. You have to become a Funding Chaser. And, when you get that funding, and because you’re prepared to do anything to get it – to tick any box, to water down your ideas, to forget about what it was you were applying for funding to do in the first place – because of all that… your project will suck, and you will have become One Of Them. A Funding Chaser.

Head over to the site to read the rest of the comments, and to join in with this conversation, or tweet your responses using the hashtag #tds10.

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