NCVO Sustainable Funding Conference 2012

The voluntary sector has seen a big change in its income base over the last decade, and had to learn to deal with these changes relatively quickly.  More recently we’ve faced cuts and crises, with increased demand for our services.  These problems haven’t gone away, but we’ve got a better idea of what we’re up against, and what risks and opportunities we need to plan for.

NCVO’s Sustainable Funding Conference, now in its 12th year, will focus on supporting organisations at different stages of their life cycle: from scaling up to managing the shift to earned income or scaling down.

The conference features a mix of short debates, discussions and longer, practical workshops.  We’ve set up four ‘streams’ based on different types of income: gifts and donations, grants and contracts, trading and enterprise, and social investment so you can focus on the funding relationship you want to  develop, or pick out sessions to gain an overview of everything.

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NCVO/Consumer Focus Conference: Civil society and the market place

by , 28/11/12 5:35pm
Voluntary and community and other civil society organisations are offering a range of services and/or products to consumers, whether it is insurance for older people, loans at affordable rates or energy on a not-for-profit basis. In the current economic and policy environment, this has become more topical than ever and more civil society organisations are […]

Innovation: Does it take a crisis to make you really change?

by , 28/11/12 11:59am
At the first workshop in the gifts and donations stream – Innovation: Does it take a crisis to make you really change? - Katherine William-Powlett, Leadership and Innovation Consultant at NCVO, spoke with Jonathan Petherbridge (Creative Director, London Bubble Theatre) about some positive ways of engaging with crisis. Jonathan described the crisis that London Bubble […]

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BBC news story (2010) about Social Impact Bonds in Peterborough

by , 28/11/12 10:21am
Private backers fund scheme to cut prisoner reoffending A “payment-by-results” pilot project aimed at cutting reoffending has officially been launched. Investors have put £5m in social impact bonds to fund rehabilitation work with 3,000 Peterborough Prison inmates. Read the rest of the story here

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Social Investment Market – Live Blog

by , 28/11/12 9:06am
Here is where you’ll find the social investment market live blog.  The various new models of income available to the voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Trading and Enterprise – Live blog

by , 28/11/12 9:04am
Here is where you’ll find the trading and enterprise live blog. With a particular focus on how cross-sector relationships can help you to generate income and achieve your missions through selling products and services.

Grants and Contracts – Live Blog

by , 28/11/12 9:02am
Here you’ll find the grants and contracts live blog. We’ve put these two in the same stream, as a lot of the issues that people are dealing with relating to grants and contracts are relevant to both types of income, and we’d like to debate the benefits and challenges of both models, and the increasingly […]

Gifts and donations – Live Blog

by , 28/11/12 9:01am
Here you’ll find the live blog of this stream of the conference. Gifts and donations – donations, legacies, sponsorship, online fundraising, memberships – to name a few examples.

UK Giving 2012: why I think we are right…but hope we are wrong

by , 27/11/12 10:59pm
It’s one of the truisms of social research that there are no ‘new’ findings. And that if you do find something new, or surprising, the answer is almost certainly that it’s wrong. So, the news that we’re estimating a 15% fall in the total value of donations – 20% if we add a dash of inflation – has made me and a number of colleagues reach for the fine-tooth comb in order to be sure – really sure – that we haven’t made any mistakes. So, why do I think we are right in what we are reporting?

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Volunteer fundraising: more than shaking a tin?

by , 27/11/12 10:48pm
Times are tough, particularly for smaller organisations operating on a shoestring. So when we asked our smaller members what kind of funding and finance support they needed most, it’s probably not too surprising they told us they needed help with attracting and managing volunteer fundraisers. If this is the kind of help you need, there’s some new support that’s […]

Using Funding Central: New opportunities and learning curves

by , 27/11/12 10:45pm
Since January I have been helping to evaluate Funding Central’s impact, and so have been lucky enough to talk with many of the service’s users over the past few months. From the smallest to the largest, it’s been fascinating to hear about the work Funding Central helps people fundraise for, so I thought I’d use […]
Income Spectrum

This summer we have redesigned one of our most popular tools. The NCVO Income Spectrum has been around for many years, but now we have a new look and feel to help you better plan your organisation’s income. A new look We’ve refreshed the look, and used a range of shapes and colours to emphasise the […] read more

Borrowing for Sustainability? A masterclass

by , 27/11/12 10:43pm
On 27 September I spoke at a great event at NCVO co-hosted with Unity Trust Bank’s Andrew Jesson. The topic was “Borrowing for Financial Sustainability”. The aim was to bring to life how voluntary organisations can use different forms of finance to achieve their organisational goals. Andrew spoke from his experience of having set up […]

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Introduction to Sustainable Funding: trailer from KnowHow NonProfit on Vimeo. read more

Twitter accounts of our speakers

by , 25/11/12 10:55pm
London Bubble Theatre @LBubble Charlotte Gardiner, Policy Manager, NCVO @CharRavenscroft Thomas Guiney, Big Lottery Fund @BigLotteryFund Alice Casey @cased @NESTA_UK Graham Collins BDCVS Olof Williamson, Sustainable Funding Manager, NCVO @olofwilliamson Ed Siegel @BigIssueInvest Michael Lilly @MyTimeCIC Tom Latchford @tomlatchford @RaisingIT Fiona Sheil, Public Services Officer, NCVO @FionaJSheil Fraser Battye, Principle at GHK Consultancy Marcus Roberts […]

Sustainable Funding Conference Programme 2012

by , 21/11/12 4:40pm
Programme of the day 9.30 Registration Refreshments and networking 10.00 Welcome Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive, NCVO 10.05 Morning plenary Dharmendra Kanani, Director for England, Big Lottery Fund Leesa Herbert, Head of Support and Advice, NCVO 10.45 Morning break Refreshments and networking 11.00 Morning discussion and debates 1 See workshop options 11.45  Morning break 12.00 Morning […]

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