The Big Society Apps Store

David Wilcox outlined his ideas on the Big Society apps store.

‘How do we make best use of all the amazing stuff that is already going on out there?’

On 6 July we held a big society open night with communities and local government, and stacks of good ideas came about. Social innovation, social entrepreneurs, community groups… how can we join all this up? How can the BSN help share all this stuff? ‘Let’s move away from pdf! let’s make reusable packages for people…’

David uses the example of mobile phone apps stores – where you can download freebies, you can pay a little – it doesn’t matter; essentially when you want something that is easy to use – it is there. Why can’t we have a ‘good stuff store’ – a social apps store? or an innovation exchange, a market place, whatever you want to call it – it is in the making!

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