The FuTRO Prize Challenges Launch

The Rail Technical Strategy sets out a vision for a future railway of advanced traffic management ensuring that train position and speed management delivers a high capacity, on-time railway – not to the minute, but to a handful of seconds.  This will enable a timetable tailored to the needs of the customer, using tighter planning headways from improved understanding of train performance and data sharing with the control system.  The delivery of this vision requires a significant step change in technology and operational practice and the FuTRO (Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation) programme is using open innovation to find the capabilities that are needed.
The potential prize from delivery of the FuTRO vision is many £billions.  If  you can help FuTRO provide automatic, real time optimisation across the whole network then there is a share of those cost savings for your business. For more information on FuTRO, please see the briefing document
We have devised an ambitious open innovation programme to address these areas with 100%Open - experts in open innovation.  This has involved a number of workshops to discover and then refine the focus of the challenges and the associated interesting questions.  This event marks the launch of the first two challenges:
The Universal Data Challenge:
  • Can you help us manage the future railway through combining diverse data sources in a timely way?
The Supermap Challenge:
  • Can you help create an accurate and versatile map of the rail network so that we can model ways to optimise the system?
At the launch event, you will be able to hear presentations and ask questions of the Future Railway Team, find out more about the open innovation process and FuTRO programme and meet other interested parties.

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Q and A: Q1 – What is a Supermap? James – “it’s next generation mapping. It’s about people who know what’s round the corner. We don’t know where mapping will be in years to come, so we’re getting people in who know about that.” …Yes, but what don’t you know? Ed – “to run the […] read more

Here’s James Hardy from RSSB at the FuTRO Launch, Audio followed by the partial transcript from the Liveblog: “FuTRO is about implementing the rail technical strategy. We sit under the umbrella term future railway, the many strands of activity will sit under that. The particular bit of the RTS that FuTRO sits under is CCC. […] read more

Ed Rollings, Professional Head of Signalling at Network Rail. Here’s the audio of his talk and the partial transcript from the liveblog: “welcome to this launch event. how many of you don’t know what FuTRO stands for? Future Traffic Regulation and Optimisation. It’s what we do when we run the railway – where trains are […] read more

Here’s David’s introductory speech, with the transcript from the Liveblog on the evening: “Welcome back to everyone who’s been to the earlier events. Most of this evening is about meeting each other. we have a couple of presentations about the challenges. I’ll introduce the challenge, then we’ll hear from Ed Rollins and James Hardy. “Thanks […] read more

FuTRO Prize Challenges Liveblog

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This is where you'll find the liveblog of the event. Click through to see the updates.

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View Larger Map The venue for the launch is Bloomsbury House and is located on Bloomsbury Square and is a mere 2 minute walk from Holborn tube station.  Kings Cross/St. Pancras is a short 10 minute taxi ride away. Please join us in helping making the future railway a reality. read more

About FuTRO – The Future Railway

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What is FuTRO? FuTRO aims to deliver radical developments that will shape the railway 30 to 50 years in the future and is the foundation for tools that optimise regulation of the railway through time and position management. Who is behind FuTRO? FuTRO is a TSLG (Technical Strategy Leadership Group) Future Railway project.  It is facilitated by […]

Photos from the day of the FuTRO Monitor Jam. read more