The Future Is Too Complex To Go It Alone

Whether the Chinese saying “may you live in interesting times” was meant as a curse or a proverb, we certainly find ourselves in interesting times. So interesting in fact, that, as Toby Moores, CEO of Sleepydog and convener of Amplified is want to say “The Future’s Too Complex To Go It Alone.”

Which makes now the perfect time for the Centre For Creative Collaboration: A space for creative projects from across the partner Universities to happen in a place geared for ‘accelerated serendipity’.

Last night was the official launch of the project, though it’s been running and proving its worth for a few months now.

Sir Graeme Davies, Vice Chancellor of the University of London, talked a little about the project, describing it as “A more imaginative way of tackling the ‘science and technology park’ idea.”

He highlighted the collaborative efforts at the heart of the project – Complexity Partnership, working with LDA, HEFC and the partner universities. He highlighted the role of Academics in the creative arts, and many others outside the academic community, that have taken the project forward at a pacer faster than their wildest dreams.

Listen to his whole talk here, with an intro by Brian Condon:

Brian spoke after Graeme, again highlighting the collaborative ethos at the heart of the project, say it was built on team-work, mentioning that the governance is a collaborative board, across the university partners and complexity partnership.

Brian also flagged up the role of SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) in the thinking behind the Centre, noting that the project itself is an SME, adding that it’s really important that HEFC have recognised their role as an SME in awarding the grant for the project.

Brian also outlined the criteria for getting a project into the centre:

  • Is it collaborative or likely to become so?
  • Is it connected to HEIs and the sector? Recent grads, students, academics, partners of the unis?
  • Is it to do with the creative disciplines”?

Any 2 of those 3 met by any project that wants to come and work here is eligible. That’s really exciting!

Here’s the whole of Brian’s talk, followed by Amanda Gore giving an intro to Amplified’s involvement in the event:

These are indeed interesting times, but the opportunities for new forms of collaboration are huge, and ventures like the Centre For Creative Collaboration will hopefully play an increasingly central role in making that happen.


I’m in Nashville at the moment, and was following the goings on at the launch via the output from the Amplified team, which was a novel and deeply satisfying experience, for someone who is normally doing the tweeting/streaming/documenting.

Please visit the event page and have a listen to the audioboos, watch some of the video and take any of it that resonates with you and embed it, write about it.

Agree, disagree, take tangents – it’s not just ‘the future’ that’s collaborative. It’s the now.

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