The Wellbeing Choice

This morning saw the Henry Wellcome auditorium taken over for a fascinating workshop facilitated by Bev Morton, founder of coaching and mentoring business The Art of Possibility.

Bev described how she set up The Art of Possibility in 2007 after completing her Fellowship with The Clore Leadership Programme. telling the audience how she used to be the chief exec of Artworks (a Bradford based arts and regeneration charity) but realised that she wasn’t happy. It wasn’t however until she went through the Clore Leadership Programme and found herself passionate baout coaching that she found where she wanted to be. Describing her job Bev explains how she offers wellbeing workshops, mentoring and mediation – because when people aren’t looking after themselves they go into conflict.

Some key points to remember in well being:

  • Life is messy. the ability to be aligned creates well being and builds effectiveness and resilience
  • Core flexibility is important – entrepreneurs are good at this, but in the arts we’re not as good
  • At its core, well being is about managing priorities just as we do with our own organisations
  • Reflection is the key for change; it is an iterative process at the core of well being development work, creating continual impact and thereby having the capability of creating change

Bev also shares her favourite definition of well being:

well being is best thought of as a a dynamic process, emerging from the way in which people interact with the world around them (Gallup)

when asked where is your wellbeing? audience rsponses include:
- i’m in flux
- recalibrating
- balance
- turned corner
- aware, more to do
- well being is mine
- i’m a learner
- the busy mind – insomnia!

Following this, we get a glimpse of Bev’s very interesting wellbeing work absence spectrum:

Wellbeing -> Stress -> Presenteeism -> Work Absence

well being includes: health / creativity / cognitive fitness  / motivated / high performance / retain talent
presenteeism: ill health / loss of creativity / depleted motivation / irritable / impaired performance
absence: illness / litigation / impact on team / relationship breakdown / loss of productivity
It’s interesting and important to think of the impact on individuals and organisations due to all of this – a question to the audience asking how many people only work their paid hours gets one hand in a room of 30, a shocking fact for the arts industry.  As Bev says; the deficit in this sector doesn’t happen on the bottom line, it happens in us as human beings,

Bev  introduces her Wellbeing Model: Self Knowledge + Action : Reflection = Wellbeing and asks the group what makes you a) mad b) sad c) glad? Group conversation ensues around these and around energy… So, what brings you energy? What do you need to change to bring more wellbeing in to your life? Discuss!

See all of Bev’s slides here.

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