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Carry On Regardless Balloon at Tipping Point 2012Last week, an event called TippingPoint 2012 took place in Newcastle, UK, bringing together 200 artists and scientists to discuss the role of the arts in fostering awareness and action around climate change and sustainability. TippingPoint holds events like these around the globe – their mission is to “energize the creative response to climate change”. I like the sound of that.

I’m a million miles from Newcastle, but was able to follow the event (and so can you, right here) via Amplified, another cool UK organization that fosters community participation around events and public conversations using social media. Our friends across the pond are doing some very clever things. I have only scratched the surface of TippingPoint 2012, but am inspired by some of the questions that were posed, and by the concept of creative responses to social issues. I’ve been giving it a bit of thought.

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