Topics for Open Space Discussion

I captured some of the suggested topics for the Open Space discussion at TippingPoint Newcastle.


Each topic was proposed by a participant in plenary session – then they move on to discussion in groups – the groups self-organise.


The principles and laws of Open Space Technology are used to manage the process (see


  • Fashion and its role in helping to achieve sustainability
  • WInd Turbines and how they are being used as a source of debate on the issues
  • Imagining a better future
  • How can art make science more accessible
  • Who should the Arts Council be talking to
  • Exploring the notions of time and time passing – and how it connects to climate change
  • Creating learning opportunities particularly for young people
  • How can I write a brief for a £25k residency at the Centre for Alternative Technology
  • How can we act as catalysts for change in our own communities
  • Language and the way we use language to describe/explain/understand climate change
  • Writing a show about an oil spill – wants to discuss impacts
  • Natural environment as a metaphor for climate change
  • Curatorial processes and new approaches to climate change scenarios
  • “reasons to be cheerful” – how can we envisage a positive future yet be taken seriously
  • How do we get to a more meaningful dialogue about climate change
  • Creating slow conversational spaces for engagement
  • Aspirational sustainability – how do we make being good cool?
  • Sharing and reflecting on community-based processes
  • How can we engage imaginatively in the development of sustainable technology
  • Matt Ridley’s message was dangerous – how do we shut him up
  • How do we engage with people who are too busy
  • How do we collaborate and imagine futures – in a new way
  • A topic described as “I am f***ing angry”
  • How do we ensure that we get people to participate and engage – built in not tagged on
  • How as an artist do I get to work with the scientists?
  • Heidi vs the X Factor – how do we reduce the influence of digital marketeers to achieve
  • sustainability?  How do we fight the influences?
  • Should Art and Culture have a part to play
  • How do we make sure that the issue of climate change is taught at schools and Universities and with a radical change agenda
  • How can artists and scientists work together to re-sacralise our relationship with the natural world?
  • The relationship of art and behavioural change – exploring the role of artists – can they be instrumental?
  • What needs transforming – a brainstorm; I need more information


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