Tipping Point 2012

Tipping Point 2012TippingPoint, in partnership with Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability (NIReS), will be holding a major national gathering of those concerned with the interface between the arts and culture on one hand, and environmental issues, particularly climate change, on the other.

Our aim is to continue and strengthen the vital process of giving the urgent challenges of climate change and sustainability a cultural and artistic voice. This will be a rare opportunity to step outside day-to-day work and engage with innovative peers from across many disciplines, using presentations, panel discussions, group exercises and creative projects. Our ultimate aim is to help stimulate radical and imaginative thinking in wider society, as we all attempt to comprehend, mitigate and prepare for our inevitably changing environment.

This is the latest in a series of events that have been held by TippingPoint worldwide, and in the UK previously in Oxford. The new location of Newcastle enables the event to draw from the city’s unique and exciting resources in both research and practice in the field (it has now been top of Forum For the Future’s Green Cities index for two years in a row) as well as its diverse arts community.

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Carry On Regardless Balloon at Tipping Point 2012

Last week, an event called TippingPoint 2012 took place in Newcastle, UK, bringing together 200 artists and scientists to discuss the role of the arts in fostering awareness and action around climate change and sustainability. TippingPoint holds events like these around the globe – their mission is to “energize the creative response to climate change”. […] read more

From Dickens to the green…

by , 29/02/12 1:55pm
At Tipping Point Newcastle last week there was a lot of talk about how “angry” we should be about the state of the world and how we could “sustain that anger.” After an initial, but clearly unsustainable, blast from the angry young men and women in the room, a more sober reflection on the intersection […]

The Next 100 Years for Humanity

by , 27/02/12 11:17am
A poem about the future - the next 100 years (well 88 at least) for humanity.

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Tipping Point Live Blog Day 2

by , 24/02/12 10:04am
An archive of the live blog from day 2 of Tipping Point 2012 TippingPoint Newcastle Day 2

We’re here at the Hancock Museum, which is a fabulous inspiration for a conference looking at the social/political impact of Art, because of what Museums are. Not many people think of museums themselves as ‘art’. They contain art and ‘artifact’, but the artistic role of curator is that of the story-teller, a metanarrational exploration of […] read more

I captured some of the suggested topics for the Open Space discussion at TippingPoint Newcastle.   Each topic was proposed by a participant in plenary session – then they move on to discussion in groups – the groups self-organise.   The principles and laws of Open Space Technology are used to manage the process (see […] read more

Where does ‘reckless creative freedom’ end and the responsibility to change society start?

by , 23/02/12 2:31pm
I’ve been thinking about the notion of Artistic responses to Big Stuff, and the notion of the responsibility -or otherwise – of artists to be the nerve endings of a society. Which in turn got me thinking about Paul Robeson, which lead me to this quote: “He [Paul Robeson] realized that the artist had the […]

Here's a quick video of the room at Tipping Point 2012. read more

Tipping Point Live Blog Day 1

by , 23/02/12 10:10am
Archive of the live blog from day one of Tipping Point 2012. You can replay or search this archive here.

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What will the programme consist of?  The event will draw on experience in holding around twenty such gatherings worldwide in recent years, in the UK held in Oxford.  Superficially resembling a conference, the event will in fact contain a minimum of being talked at, and a maximum of information exchange and cross-fertilisation between those present.  Throughout, […] read more

About Tipping Point

by , 20/02/12 2:38pm
TippingPoint is network-based organisation aiming to be a year round ‘connector’ of the arts and climate science worlds. At the heart of our work is an international programme of two-day gatherings where artists and scientists participate in an informal but intense series of meetings and exercises to provoke and engender collaborative thinking and creative work. […]

Full Programme for Tipping Point Newcastle

by , 20/02/12 12:40pm
The Tipping Point Programme – at Great North Museum: Hancock, unless otherwise stated Wednesday Feb 22 Theme: How do I feel about the future? 14.00 – 15.00 Arrivals, Registration and Refreshments 15.00 – 15.30 Welcomes, introductions 15.30 – 17.00 Perspectives on the future: Prof Kevin Anderson and Matt Ridley, chaired by Prof Paul Younger, followed […]