TSB Internet of Things Showcase

The showcase will be an opportunity to share the outcomes from the 10 projects that took part in the Internet of Things Convergence programme.  At the event we will present a summary of main learnings from the preparatory studies, which will also be informing further Technology Strategy Board investments in this space.


  1. To share and debate the results and learnings from 10 preparatory studies that took part in the convergence programme.
  2. To illustrate and debate the collective approach the projects undertook to explore the emergent IoT ecosystem.
  3. To debate and explore the next steps in support to the development of the IoT ecosystem.

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Please add your comments and feedback

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This Amplified page shows the highlights from the TSB Internet of Things Showcase. This article is a place to add your comments and thoughts - please click through to this post to add your input.

TSB_IoT_Presentations_27June2012 View more presentations from 100%Open read more

TSB Storyboard read more

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Live video stream from TSBIoT event.

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This is a live stream from the event at 13.30.

Notes from the morning discussions

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Themes from the morning presentations for the record. Long list Cross-sector synergies Incentives Demonstrator is ‘everything but the app’ Need new value chain Human challenges Trust and collaborate Combine data sets Infrastructure Open innovation Demonstrator as app store Open standards Focus on data not platform Work with orgs already in space Personal control of data […]

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” – (Mark Weiser in The Computer for the 21st Century) The Internet of Things (IoT) envisions an interconnected world where everyday objects are smart and able to connect to a network and […] read more

A video of vox pops about the Internet of Things form September 2011 read more

Creative Industries Perspectives on the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Presently scaling the peak of Gartner-style exalted expectations, the internet of things continues to position itself as one of the potentially more dynamic markets gathering around the periphery of the digital economy. The regularity with which the pundits currently revamp statistical forecasts does, at times, invite us to consider it already a foregone conclusion that this […]
Logos from participants in TSB Internet of Things Showcase

Please find the Internet of Things Convergence Projects involved in the TSB IoT Showcase below... read more

Internet of Things – TSB Showcase: An Introduction

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The Technology Strategy Board is supporting 10 projects in its “Internet of Things Convergence Programme” and is bringing the project collaborators together to ‘showcase’ their work and debate and explore what they’ve found and why it’s important. Working with 100% Open and Graham Hitchin who are advising the TSB, Benjamin Ellis and I will be […]

The IoT SIG Brochure

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A new IoT SIG Brochure has been published, setting out the range of work being pursued by this Special Interest Group. Have a look at it here. IoT Brochure, Final PDF read more

Archived liveblog from the morning projects session

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The archive of this morning’s liveblog. TSB Internet of Things Showcase

Here are photos from the TSB Internet of Things Showcase. read more