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Efficient transport systems are essential to the health and wealth of the UK, its businesses, its economy and its people. The Transport Systems Catapult will support UK industry in exploiting the massive global market for new products and services that will drive the integration of transport and its systems.

The key challenge is how to increase mobility: the efficient and cost effective movement of people and goods.

Policy Futures will explore how systems thinking is integrated into policy making. Our aim is to identify how this could present opportunity to positively impact UK quality of life, economic growth and sustainability.

You’ll find photos, a liveblog and other content from the day below.

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Photos from the day.

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Live Blog of the Day – TSCatapult

by , 09/06/14 9:08am
This is where you will find the LiveBlog of the day.

The event is being held at the The Imovation Centre in Milton Keynes (170 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BP). read more

Agenda for the day

by , 30/05/14 10:40am
Widening the horizons of policy-making for greater economic benefit. This is the agenda for the day.

Why attend the Policy Futures event?

by , 30/05/14 9:50am
Transport systems are crucial to the UK’s economy and our quality of life. How do we move people and goods around the world more effectively? Imagine a future where journeys are fast, seamless, comfortable, and green. Join us at our new Imovation Centre in Milton Keynes to explore intelligent mobility. Why attend? Attendees will: Get […]

The development of policy does not sit in isolation. A number of external factors, trends, and influences determine the successful development and delivery of policy. They can influence policy at any point, in any area, at any time. The policy process is neither linear, nor does it cease with the adoption of policy. It is a process […] read more

Pillar Four – Measurement

by , 30/05/14 12:25am
Successful policy is underpinned by analysis of its impact, particularly if it is a new approach. By undertaking a review, there can be objective analysis of whether the policy intervention has achieved its stated objectives. The output will inform future policy development and directions. Choosing what to measure, and how to measure it, is critical. […]

Pillar One – Structures

by , 30/05/14 12:20am
Policy Making Structures are decision making organisations or frameworks that develop, and sometimes deliver, public policy. These can take many forms and operate at a variety of levels. These include multi-national organisations, government, and business. Typically, these structures ensure that policy directly influences one or more of the following: Rules, regulation and legislation Delivery plans, […]

Pillar Two – Customers

by , 30/05/14 12:19am
A key factor to ensuring that the UK is able to capture a large part of the Intelligent Mobility market is to ensure what is delivered is customer-focussed. The modern customer is much more aware and savvy in their choices, and increasing use of technology means that they can take their custom elsewhere more easily. […]

Pillar Three – Incentives

by , 30/05/14 12:18am
Being engaged in developing policy in a holistic manner needs to be worthwhile for all of those involved. Current, tangible, incentives include financial, and achieving shared objectives through collaboration. Individuals and organisations may collaborate based on notions such as “it is the right thing to do” or to satisfy a subjective need. The challenge for […]
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