Volunteer fundraising: more than shaking a tin?

Times are tough, particularly for smaller organisations operating on a shoestring. So when we asked our smaller members what kind of funding and finance support they needed most, it’s probably not too surprising they told us they needed help with attracting and managing volunteer fundraisers.

If this is the kind of help you need, there’s some new support that’s just been developed by the Institute of Fundraising, so first port of call should be to hit their website and take a look at their introduction to Volunteer Fundraisers. This new resource outlines the difference between ‘on behalf of’ and ‘in aid of’ volunteers, and gives some handy starter tips for finding some volunteers to help you generate more income.

Defining roles

Once you are more familiar with the rules around using volunteers to generate income for your organisation, you’ll need to think about what kind of fundraising you actually want done. Volunteers are commonly encouraged to run fundraising events, or generate sponsorship, but they are often willing to help in lots of more specialist ways, particularly if your organisation is small.


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