Who are PCG?

PCG is an independent not-for-profit professional association. Our mission is representing, supporting and promoting the freelance community, with specific attention to the needs of those freelancers who are members of PCG.
We aim to be the ultimate authority on the issues that affect the freelance community and strive for freelancing to be valued and respected as a legitimate option and a vital force for the UK economy. 
PCG is a membership organisation, funded by membership subscriptions.  PCG exists to serve the needs of its membership, which has grown steadily over the years to encompass circa 20,000 people at the beginning of 2010.
PCG represents its members by:
interpreting key items of legislation or regulation and campaigning with both passion and pragmatism for change where appropriate
consulting with and lobbying government at national and European level, providing expert input into sector issues, thus helping to influence policy decisions
funding key legal cases with the aim of maintaining a body of case law for the benefit of freelancers.

National Freelancers Day was established in 2009 to reflect on the contribution of freelancers to the economic well-being of the nation and the date set this year for 23rd November.  The theme of National Freelancers Day 2010 is ‘Freeing up Potential’, with special emphasis on the lifestyle choice offered by freelancing and the growing contribution the freelance community makes to the UK’s economy.

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