Workforce Of The Future

Planning a workforce for the future is essential. Employers are often too caught up in immediate challenges to focus on the longer term, but if we are to make sure that the right learning and development opportunities are available and that the right types of new people are coming in to the workforce we must start now.  The SSSC is working with IRISS to develop a handful of pilot projects that increase workforce capability in the future.

This challenge runs from June 2012 through to March 2013.  This is the site for our two-day innovation event over the 17 and 18 September. At this event new service propositions will be developed and prototyped from the best 5 – 8 ideas from the crowdsourcing site. Project teams with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds will take the solutions forward.

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Here’s David announcing the winners - these are the 5 projects that after whittling down the 20 to 8 (2 from each of the four categories), are the ones that were chosen by the judging panel after the presentations were made. (one idea, the CharterMark for Social Services, has been taken on by SSSC, so […] read more

Dr Edgar Cahn on Time Banking

by , 18/09/12 1:54pm
One of the ideas being developed here at Workforce Of The Future is Time Banking – here’s Dr Edgar Cahn, the Founder Of Time Banking, talking about why money will never be enough:

The Hustle And Bustle Of Workforce For The Future (Video)

by , 18/09/12 12:39pm
Here’s a slideshow of photos from the last day and a half here in Edinburgh – the audio is from me walking round the room, recording snippets of conversation, a few words here and there – the room is a hive of activity, buzzing with ideas, designs, plans, strategies being tossed back and forth, challenged, […]

Before we got into workshopping the 8 ideas chosen from the initial 20 for further development, we had a talk this morning by Murray Sim of 100% Open about the power of visuals. He started by getting the attendees to draw the person opposite them: Here’s the audio of the talk that followed: listen to […] read more

Workforce of the Future Liveblog – Day Two

by , 18/09/12 9:54am
Here is the live blog for the second day of Workforce of the Future. Please click through to see all updates.

Click here to see all the Instagram photos tagged with #workforceOTF read more

One of the methods we’re exploring at Workforce Of The Future is the creation of ‘personae’ that act as imaginary clients/stack-holders/service users/workers. Made-up people who represent the real complexity of human beings rather than the tidied-up, filtered lists of ‘general trends’ that so often form the direction for policy and strategy. Here’s a slide show […] read more

Summary of Idea Briefing

by , 17/09/12 11:30am
So this morning brought together a community of people who had suggested a total of 107 ideas over the course of a couple of months. This has been whittled down to 20 and broken down into four categories with five ideas in each: Demonstrating the difference – measuring the outcomes using the outcomes star approach; […]

So, a summary of the day so far.  We’ve had David Simoes-Brown from 100% Open outlining the path to where we are – the process of finding the 20 ideas that we’re exploring over the next two days, and some stats on the numbers of people involved in that process. We then had the 20 […] read more

SSSC Prototyping Workshop presentation. read more

Schedule for Day One

by , 17/09/12 9:13am
Click here to see the schedule for day one of Workforce for the Future.

The Workshop Objectives

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20 ideas for the prototypes have been sourced through These prototypes will have the potential to move to the next phase of Workforce of the Future, in which SSSC and IRISS support project teams to deliver and evaluate pilots, leading up to another Workforce of the Future event Monday 10th December with the Minister […]

Workforce of the Future Liveblog

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This will be the liveblog for the Workforce for the Future event. Click through to follow the entries posted throughout the day.

Photos from the two day Workforce for the Future event. read more

Productive? Practical? Pioneering? The Top 5 Rated Ideas

by , 13/09/12 11:15pm
Here are the ideas with the most votes that were submitted  as part of the initial phase of the project. Click on any idea title to take you to the idea page where people have discussed them in the comments. These are the top 5 but you can see the whole list  by clicking here. […]

About SSSC and IRISS

by , 13/09/12 10:57pm
The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is responsible for registering people who work in social services and regulating their education and training. Our role is to raise standards of practice, strengthen and support the workforce and increase the protection of people who use services. Our vision is a competent, confident workforce, capable of delivering high quality, person-centred services that has the confidence of the public, those who use services and their carers.

Workforce Of The Future – The Process

by , 13/09/12 10:47pm
The SSSC is working with IRISS to develop a handful of pilot projects that increase workforce capability in the future. This challenge runs from June 2012 through to March 2013. Phase 1 - Interesting Questions. We convened a 'problem Pow-wow' workshop on the 11th June in Edinburgh with about 60 senior social work, charity and caring professionals. The output of this collaborative process was 10 agreed routes for innovation that we call 'Interesting Questions'. From these, we picked 4 as the most suitable for this process and these became our challenges on this site.